2013-14 Introduction to School Neuropsychology Webinar Lecture Series

The Washington State Association of School Psychologists and KIDS, Inc. co-sponsored this unique online webinar lecture series that was presented live one Saturday a month from January, 2013 to May, 2013. All of the sessions were recorded and are still available for purchase as a set or individually.
  • Participants may earn up to 30 continuing education credits by completing the entire lecture series. Participants may sign up for individual sessions at a higher cost.
  • Participants must pass a 10-item review quiz online for each of the webinar lectures.
  • Participants will be able to access the lecture notes and recorded webinars up to six months after their initial purchase.
  • This is a low-cost introductory series to the emerging specialization of school neuropsychology and does not replace the 10-month Competency-Based School Neuropsychology Post-Graduate Certification Program.
  • Presenters include: Drs. Daniel C. Miller, Steven Feifer, Dawn Flanagan, David Schwartz, George McCloskey, Ann Leonard-Zabel, and James B. Hale; and Jim Hanson and Karen Apgar.

Webinar Series Cost: $300.00 for Professionals (e.g., school psychologists, psychologists, etc.) or $100.00 for School Psychology Graduate Students

More than one person at a time can watch the live broadcast of the webinars, but each person who registers will be assigned a username and password that he/she will have to use to log into the website to take the online review quizzes and to receive their Certificate of Completion for each session.
Click on the name of a particular session to get more details on the presenter, the goals of the session, and a session description.

Webinar Lecture Topics:
  • Overview of School Neuropsychology - Dr. Daniel C. Miller
  • Looking at a student through the lens of a school neuropsychological conceptual model - Dr. Daniel C. Miller
  • Introduction to the neuropsychology of reading, writing, and mathematics - Dr. Steven Feifer
  • The role of school neuropsychological assessment in the identification of specific learning disabilities - Dr. Dawn Flanagan
  • Neuropsychology of attention processing disorders - Dr. David Schwartz
  • Introduction to executive functions - Dr. George McCloskey
  • The neuropsychology of serious emotional disturbance and conduct problems - Dr. Ann Leonard-Zabel
  • The Oregon Model using neuropsychological processing data for SLD identification - Jim Hanson and Karen Apgar
  • What role does school neuropsychological assessment play in identifying children with disabilities? - Dr. James B. Hale
  • What training opportunities and resources are available to gain proficiency in school neuropsychology? - Dr. Daniel C. Miller

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