Ideal District Support

Contracting with an outside-of-the-school-district neuropsychologist is expensive and the evaluation may not yield results that directly translate into educational interventions. The cost of this course is equal to or less than the cost of two private neuropsychological evaluations. Graduates of this certification program will be able to conduct school neuropsychological evaluations within the range of their professional practices and within the limits of their professional practice as defined by state certification and licensing agencies. Participants in the program are encouraged to ask their school districts for some financial support to help defray the cost of taking this course (e.g., tuition and/or lodging expenses, purchasing testing materials, etc.).

This training will directly benefit the school district or agency that employs the student. Many school districts around the country have encouraged their school psychologists to take this training because they have found that the school neuropsychological evaluations conducted by graduates of the program are thorough and defensible in due process hearings. A district or agency investing in a school psychologist to receive this training may end up saving money in costly litigation.

Students will need to have access to the testing instruments that are taught in the course. A limited number of test kits will be available from KIDS, Inc. to check out to students in the course. Students should encourage their school districts to purchase the following neuropsychological and cognitive abilities tests that will be taught in the course, including:

WJ IV Tests of Cognitive Abilities, Oral Language, & Achievement
WISC-V Integrated
Delis-Kaplan Executive Functions System (D-KEFS)
Behavioral Rating Inventory for Executive Functions (BRIEF)
Wide Range Assessment of Memory and Learning - 2 or Test Of Memory And Learning-2
Dean-Woodcock Neuropsychological Battery