Course Requirements

This is not a traditional CEU workshop where the participant sits for several hours and then automatically receives a certificate of completion. This is a competency-based training program. The course will offer a total of 90 hours of direct instruction and an additional 90 hours of group supervision (180 CE hours).

Participants will also be required to:
  • Attend 1 face-to-face (held in Dallas) and 7 online Webinar weekend seminars and come to an additional final face-to-face weekend for the written and case study exams.

  • Read assigned readings.

  • Complete two integrated school-neuropsychological case studies of a school-aged child. First one due in Month #6, and the second one due in Month #8.

  • Complete one integrated school-neuropsychological case study for the final case staffing, due for final Month #10.

  • Document 500 hours of practical field experience obtained during the course time period.

  • Pass a 200-item multiple-choice exam at the end of the course that covers the knowledge base of the course.

  • Complete online quizzes and participate in online discussion groups.

The student must have access to the Internet in order to participate in this course. All lecture notes, review quizzes, etc. are posted on a secure portion of the website. Students will be provided with instructions, user ID, and password to access the updated or new course materials online prior to the first class period.