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CE/CPD Category: Special Topics

Click on the name of the CE/CPD Module Name in the table below for a description of the training module, a list of learning objectives for that module, and a brief biography of the presenter.

CE/CPD Module Name
# of CE/CPDs
Price for Individuals
Price for Groups of 5+
Importance of Considering Sleep in School Neuropsychological Assessment3$90.00$81.00
Multicultural Issues in School Psychology and School Neuropsychology3$90.00$81.00
Introduction to School Neuropsychology Webinar Lecture Series30$300.00$
Overview of school neuropsychology3$60.00$60.00
Looking at a student through the lens of a school neuropsychological conceptual model3$60.00$60.00
Introduction to the neuropsychology of reading, writing, and mathematics3$60.00$60.00
The role of school neuropsychological assessment in the identification of specific learning disabilities3$60.00$60.00
Neuropsychology of attention processing disorders3$60.00$60.00
Neuropsychology of executive functions: What are they, how are they assessed, and what can be done when they are impaired?3$60.00$60.00
The neuropsychology of serious emotional disturbance and conduct problems3$60.00$60.00
The Oregon Model using neuropsychological processing data in identifying children with disabilities3$60.00$60.00
What role does school neuropsychological assessment play in identifying and intervening with children with disabilities3$60.00$60.00
What training opportunities and resources are available to gain proficiency in school neuropsychology?3$60.00$60.00
New Developments in the Cross-Battery Assessment Approach and Guidance on How to Use the Data Management and Interpretive Assistant Software3$65$
An Alternative Research-Based Approach to SLD Identification and Guidance on How to Use the Pattern of Strengths and Weaknesses Analyzer Software3$65$
Distinguishing Difference from Disorder in English Learners and Guidance on How to Use the Culture-Language Interpretive Matrix Software3$65$
Cross-Battery Assessment of Executive Functions3$65$

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