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Online CE/CPD Modules

The CE/CPD Webinars are open to any mental health practitioner (e.g., school psychologist, licensed educational psychologist, psychologist) who needs continuing education units to maintain their professional credentials. KIDS, Inc. is approved by the National Association of School Psychologists to offer continuing education for school psychologists. KIDS, Inc. maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

The Webinars are recorded sessions available for a fee. CE/CPD registrants will be granted access to the instructional materials for a six month period. They must listen/watch the recorded webinar then pass a brief review quiz in order to obtain their online CE/CPD certificate.

Individuals Taking a CE/CPD Module

Individuals should register for the CE/CPD module(s), watch the recorded Webinar(s), take and pass the review quiz(zes) online, and print out the CE/CPD certificate(s). Purchase Orders, Credit Cards (Mastercard and VISA), and Checks or Money Orders are accepted as forms of payment.

Groups Wanting to View a CE/CPD Module At the Same Time

If a group of people want to view a CE/CPD Module all at the same time as part of a group inservice training, please click on the CE/CPD Modules - Group Registration link. One key person will register all members of the group. Groups of more than 5 people registering for the same CE/CPD module qualify for a 10% discount off the individual price of the CE/CPD Module. Each attendee will be sent their own username and password to access the CE/CPD Module, the Review Quiz, and their transcript of completed modules. Even though the CE/CPD Module may be viewed as a group, each individual must pass the review quiz after viewing the Webinar recording in order to obtain the Certificate of Completion. Purchase Orders, Credit Cards (Mastercard and VISA), and Checks or Money Orders are accepted as forms of payment.

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  • SNP Home Page - takes you back to the main page of the website.
  • Online CE/CPD Modules - takes you back to this page.
  • View Available CE/CPD Modules - this is the index of available CE/CPD modules. Review descriptions of the training modules, goals and objectives of the modules, and a biography of the module presenter.
  • View Available CE/CPD Modules - presents a list of the currently available CE/CPD Modules with their prices, descriptions, and information about the presenter.
  • CE/CPD Module(s) - Individual Registration - you can register to take a CE/CPD module and purchase a CE/CPD module or modules on this screen. You can print out a registration form and mail it in with a check or purchase order or register and pay for them using the online shopping cart. Your order information is sent to a secure server and your credit card will be processed within two business days. You will be sent an email receipt for your CE/CPD module along with a uername and password to access the CE/CPD module(s) you paid for.
  • CE/CPD Module(s) - Group Registration - one key person can register multiple people for a single CE/CPD module. This is a great feature for having a group of people all view the webinar recording together. Each person that registers will be sent a username and password to access the module after the group viewing and each individual will still need to pass the review quiz for that module in order to receive their certificate of completion.
  • Access Purchased CE/CPD Modules (only visible after you pay for a CE/CPD Module) - shows a list of the CE/CPD Modules available to view or review. Once a CE/CPD Module is paid for, the user has 6 months of access to that module (from the date of purchase).
  • Transcript of Completed CE/CPD Modules (only visible after you pay for a CE/CPD Module) - after completion of a CE/CPD Module, the certificate of completion will be saved in a transcript for each individual user. This is a handy feature which allows users to come back to this site and retrieve their CE/CPD certificates for licensure/certification renewal.
  • Refund and Related Policies - this page details our refund, copyright, and fair use policies.
  • Technical Help - these are the contact numbers for any technical assistance which may be required when accessing or using the CE/CPD modules.