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Refund and Related Policies

If a purchaser of a CE/CPD Module is not satisified with the content or encounters technical problems that prohibit the purchaser from accessing the CE/CPD lecture notes or Webinar recording, they may ask for a full refund of the purchase price of the CE/CPD module, provided they have not completed the module for credit. Once a purchaser completes the review quiz and obtains a passing score, no refunds will be permitted.

KIDS, Inc. is responsible for the webinar interface for delivery of the CE/CPD modules and the maintenance of the CE/CPD transcripts. CE/CPD purchasers are encouraged to print out and store a copy of their CE/CPD Certificate of Completions and retain a copy for their records. KIDS, Inc. will make every effort to maintain a record of an individual's completed CE/CPD modules and other company sponsored training.

KIDS, Inc. is not responsible for the content within the CE/CPD Modules unless otherwise noted. The Module presenters are responsible for the accuracy of their content.

The materials provided as part of the CE/CPD Modules are copyrighted and approval must be obtained from KIDS, Inc. and/or the presenter before disseminating any of the content to others. The CE/CPD Modules are intended for the express educational use of the paid purchaser.

Once a CE/CPD Module is completed by a purchaser, the purchaser will have continued access to the CE/CPD module content (lecture notes, handouts, and wehinar recordings) for 6 months; at which point access to that content will be denied.